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The massage

B�atrice Marzana The massage

What is massage?

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy, it consists of manipulating and pressing different parts of the body to relieve pain, to relax,to stimulate and to tone the body. If massages bring a pleasant feeling to the skin, they also act on the soft tissues (muscles,tendons and ligaments) and improve muscle tone, not only those located immediately beneath the skin, but also the deeper muscular layers. Massage stimulates blood circulation and assist the lymphatic system, furthering the elimination of toxins from the entire body.
Some beneficial effects :
  • Relaxes, Calms
  • Relieves tension, stiffness and pain
  • Further elimination of toxins
  • Stimulates sebaceous and sudoriparous glands
  • Increases well-being
  • Improves blood circulation (furthering oxygenation of tissue and providing nutrients).

The benefits of massage therapy

Although simple massages is pleasant in itself, the effects of the massage are cumulative and you will get greater benefit from a treatment spread over several sessions. Regular massage will actually strengthen and tone the whole body, thereby helping to prevent injuries caused by too much tensions.Massage can stimulate or calm the nervous system according to the needs of each individual and therefore contributes in reducing fatigue, leaving the person feeling rejuvenated.