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Who am I ?

B�atrice Marzana Who am I ?

For as long I can remember, the well-being of others has always been important to me. This moved me to find a way to express this in my life.
Over time, I realised that the power of touch, applied in a respectful context, is a way to listen to others, and to create positive emotions.

This led me to train at Newham College in London, England, where I became a qualified masseuse specialised in Swedish massage. This qualification also involved training in aromatherapy which complements perfectly the revitalising and destressing benefits of this technique.

Thanks to the experience that I have gained over the years, my passion for this profession and its virtues has grown immensely, bringing me deep satifsfaction, and confirming the legitimacy of my occupation.

A massage session is a beneficial respite for the person welcomed with respect and an attentive ear, and invited to let go, drifting away emotionally with the enjoyable sensation of being "at one with oneself" where body and spirit are in harmony - unified.