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B�atrice Marzana Aromatherapy
The objective is to improve the harmony between the body and the mind through the art of combining essential oils.
Each oil possesses intrinsic qualities that aid in restoring the body's balance. Once in contact with the skin, oils can stimulate nerve endings, blood circulation, the lymphatic system, muscles, tissues, and the nervous and endocrinal systems.
When inhaled, oils stimulate olfactory nerves which act on the brain and re-inforce the effects of the massage.

Essential oils

Essential oils are obtained by flowers, herbs and aromatic plants, trees and spices. The quintessence of the plant, its pure essence, is obtained through an extraction technique « the vital flora ».
Each oil has distinct chemical composition that is analysed by the the brain and diffused throughout the circulatory system.
Their relaxing, invigorating, analgesic and energising properties can be exploited to the maximum by a subtle mixture of essential oils, adapted to the individual needs of each person.